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Simac Tanning Tech 2021

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the fair, your trust and interest in us gives us strength!

At Simac Tanning Tech 2021 we presented our main specific models for conditioning and drying: the CRC model (top of the range) and S-CRC for frame drying and conditioning, and the new MCC for poles drying.

MCC – Multiple Cells Conditioner MCC is the latest conditioning and drying system signed Fratelli Carlessi, and represents the perfect union between the technology of the CRC cell oven and the poles drying system.


The MCC cell handling system allows for continuous processing using separate climatic chambers. Each MCC climatic chamber allows for independent drying and conditioning cycles with variable temperature, humidity and ventilation profiles.

The hides contained in the cell are loaded into the next cell in one automatic movement, keeping the pack to be treated separately from the others and ensuring the same drying conditions. By having separate climatic cells with the hides in the same drying conditions, MCC guarantees greater control in the treatment. MCC is therefore independent of production and environmental variables, ensuring uniform and repeatable treatment. The counter-current ventilation system of the MCC climate chambers ensures uniform drying, while the MCC double chain conveyor system avoids any contamination between the moving parts and the hides being processed. Moisture in hides has always been the main variable in the tanning process. Today with MCC this variable is under control. MCC guarantees the result by performing conditioning treatments independently from external variables. The result of the finished product is a priority for Fratelli Carlessi, as well as its constant repeatability without loss of quality. Each item is treated independently while meeting the requirements of a product of the highest quality. MCC's modular cellular construction allows our engineers to find the best solution for you to process your hides, whatever their size. With the development of the MCC system, we also designed the exit of the hides at the end of the drying process with a fully automated unloading system. It is no longer necessary to have an operator detach the treated leather from the sticks and deposit it on the pallets: MCC does it all by itself.


CRC – Cell Rotary Conditioner The most versatile drying and conditioning plant on the market, suitable for both grained and smooth articles with excellent results in terms of surface yield, cutting performance and quality.


The independent cell technology allows the uniformity of all the hides of the same batch and of different batches regardless of retaining, type and thickness of the hides and regardless of whether the batch is loaded in the evening or stopped for lunchtime. The new airflow allows drying at lower temperatures enhancing the quality of the leather without increasing drying time and offering advanced energy savings compared to traditional ones. Many options are available for processing free-chrome skins. CRC is technologically advanced for maximum optimization of leather tensioning. During the conditioning process, the hides are tensioned according to their degree of resistance, bringing them to their maximum surface development, without reaching the breaking point that causes defects. CRC is able to read the development capacity of each individual leather and adapts with surprising expansion results.

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