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Laboratories and R&D: tanning machinery and processes

Fratelli Carlessi's range of tannery machinery is complete with a specific selection for laboratories, R&D departments and small-scale processing: automatic and manual spray booths, drying cabinets and drying frames for industrial production testing.

 Finishing leathers in a limited space, carrying out trials and sampling on different materials, processing small batches: with Fratelli Carlessi machinery you can have a whole line of machines for small-scale tannery finishing.

macchina di rifinizione a spruzzo per laboratori

SprayLab is the Fratelli Carlessi tannery machine able to faithfully simulate a complete spray finishing line. A laboratory booth capable of controlling the spray trajectory and drying path of the leather batches being processed.

essiccatore pelli a bastoni fratelli carlessi

Leather drying tunnel with an operating temperature of up to 120° for laboratories.

cabina spruzzatura manuale

Manual spray finishing machine for sampling production.

essiccatoio a cassetti per pellami

Leather drying system with drawer arrangement for small spaces.


Static dryer with poles

Electrically heated leather drying machine, suitable for working up to 120°C. Dimensions 1m x 2m x 2.2m, with 20 kW heating battery.

The steel structure is equipped with panels for thermal insulation, leather support sticks or removable grids for sampling. 

The system includes a centrifugal fan to recirculate the air, a thermostat to control the temperature and an external vent to remove moisture. 

tunnel asciugatura pelli da laboratorio
macchina essiccazione pelli piccola conceria
EB essiccatoio bastoni


Manual finishing booth

The booth, available in 2 filtration versions (dry or water film), is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, which guarantees durability. 

The independent air treatment unit, with fluid bed technology, provides effective particulate abatement.

Manual leather spraying booth, which can be directly connected to the drying tunnels in the production line via wire conveyor.

cabina rifinizione pelli manuale per piccoli lotti pelle
macchina spruzzatura pelli per laboratori conciari
serie MSX


Drawer dryer

Drawer-type toggle frame drying plant, ideal for drying or conditioning hides where space is limited, workshops or small production runs.

The machine is available in 5-, 10-, 15- or 20-frames versions, with or without expansion, and in sizes suitable for whole hides (3400 x 3000 mm), half hides or hides with smaller dimensions (3400 x 1600 mm).

The heating system can be gas, steam or electrically powered.

essiccatore a cassetti laboratori concia
macchina essiccazione piccoli lotti pelle
serie EC
laboratorio ist logo fratelli carlessi


In-house R&D laboratory of Fratelli Carlessi

IST is the division which support Fratelli Carlessi with R&D in the tanning field. Active for years in various research projects and numerous collaborations with tanneries and chemical companies, the IST laboratory is dedicated to the development of innovative plants and processes, using the latest generation of Fratelli Carlessi tannery machinery. 

IST is available for visits or tests tailored to customers' needs: contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

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