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Leather finishing and processing machines

As experts in leather processing machinery, Fratelli Carlessi production focuses on finding concrete solutions for tanneries: spraying cabins, drying tunnels, conditioning and drying systems for maximum efficiency. 

The experience of over 70 years of activity allows us to offer an extremely advanced line of machinery for leather processing, capable of covering the various needs of drying, conditioning and spraying in large and small tanneries.

In addition to a wide range of machines for industrial tannery production consisting of cabins, tunnels and complete drying plants, Fratelli Carlessi has a line of laboratory machinery, ideal for tannery R&D departments or small batches production.

Versatility, efficiency and innovation:
discover Fratelli Carlessi machinery for the tannery.

cabine spruzzatura per conceria fratelli carlessi

Leather finishing spraying booths

Fratelli Carlessi spray booths are synonymous with high quality and durability. A new generation of spray booths for tannery finishing, completely made of stainless steel and with technologically advanced functionality.

cabina a spruzzo diamond rifinizione pelli


Rotary cabin

Our top-of-the-line rotary spray booth for the best leather spraying.

 cabina verniciatura serie sa

SA series

Alternating booth

A  compact and functional alternating leather spraying machine.

cabina manuale pelli msx


Manual LAB booth

Manual spraying is ideal for small finishing batches or R&D departments.

essiccatori a tunnel asciugatura pelli fratelli carlessi

Leather drying and crosslinking tunnels

Discover Fratelli Carlessi's cross-linking and leather drying tunnels, designed for the processing phases following spray booths and roller coaters. Choose the machine that best suits your tannery's working needs.

 tunnel essiccazione ventilato per conceria


Ventilated tunnel

Modular tunnel by Fratelli Carlessi with lateral ventilation system.

 tunnel asciugatura riscaldato pelli pellami


Radiant tunnel

Compact tunnel for leather drying heated through electricity.

essiccatoio per prove conceria


Poles dryer

Laboratory dryer ideal for small production lots and R&D Departments.

macchine essiccazione condizionamento pelli

Drying and conditioning systems

From single chamber drying tunnels to the most complete conditioning plants with independent cells: we supply different models of leather drying and conditioning machines suitable for all types of tannery production. 


New in

Multiple Cell Conditioner

MCC offers the ultimate leather drying and conditioning innovation.

impianto condizionatura pelli crc


Cell Rotary Conditioner

The modular cells structure allows for independent processing technology.

macchinario condizionamento msc


Multi-Sector Pole Conditioner

MSC is our most versatile and compact two-floors drying system.

Laboratory and R&D machines for tanneries

The Fratelli Carlessi machinery line is completed by cabins and tunnels with high performance and reduced dimensions, designed both to test and experiment the different phases of leather processing and to operate at full capacity in the industrial production environment.

 macchine da laboratorio per conceria
 automazione conciaria sistema produzione

Tannery automation

The technological heart of our leather processing machinery: Industry 4.0 software for total control.

Find out more
 assistenza fratelli carlessi

Customer service

For more information on our machines, for assistance or advice tailored to your needs.

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