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Drying tunnels for the finishing process of hides and skins

Drying is one of the most delicate phases in leather finishing: to achieve a uniform and correct result, numerous variables must be perfectly managed in terms of processing parameters, leather characteristics and production processes.

For over 60 years in the production of leather finishing machinery, Fratelli Carlessi has been developing leather drying tunnels in order to fully control the finishing process by optimizing working time, energy consumption and environmental impact.

Heated air curing tunnels with radiant panels or infrared lamps and leather drying cabinets for R&D laboratories: these are extremely advanced tannery drying systems with high thermal and technological efficiency.

tunnel essiccazione per conceria serie tfc



Ventilated drying tunnel

With innovative lateral ventilation and pre-heating system, ideal for spray booths and roller coaters.

tunnel asciugatura pelli serie tes



Electric radiant tunnel

With a catalytic panel heating system or infrared lamps for shrink-free hides drying.


Static tunnel dryer

Leather drying cabinet for laboratory

Tunnel EB is an electrically heated leather drying machine, suitable for working up to 120°C on small production batches, with a centrifugal ventilation system and electronic thermostat for recirculation and heating air management.

essiccatore pelli tunnel lab
Completion of finishing and drying lines

Fratelli Carlessi offers accessories and additional solutions to make tannery machine lines more high-performance, tailored to customers' needs.

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