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Cell Rotary Conditioning

Next generation, automatic
leather drying system


Low gas consumption

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Independent cells conditioning process

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Innovative air flow distribution

Innovative air flow distribution

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Adjustable tension of treated leathers

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Optimization of the distance between hides

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Automated overturning of frames

 essiccatore rotativo per conceria

Drying of hides and skins has a new quality standard

Fratelli Carlessi has developed an innovative drying and conditioning machinery for tanneries, to meet the needs related to the newest leather processing technologies in terms of product quality, flexible production and consumptions reduction.

Modern drying and conditioning techniques require total control of humidity, temperature and air distribution parameters, but also an accurate management of the fibers’ tension in the conditioning process, to avoid damages like looseness, fibers breakage and area loss.

CRC leather toggle dryer is the evolution of a traditional toggle drying system, introducing several new solutions covered by international patents.

Independent cell drying and conditioning system

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CRC toggle dryer is divided into cells: this configuration allows each module to work independently, according to the recipe set for the leather contained inside.

This way, as the frames advance, the module can self-regulate its own temperature, humidity and ventilation, independently from the others and keeping the different leather batches separate.


This guarantees no differences in quality and no contaminations between the leathers: in addition, each cell has its own unit for tensioning and detensioning the hides.

Redesigned and more efficient airflow distribution

The heated air flow passes through the leathers from the bottom upwards, allowing a uniform drying as humidity tends to accumulate in the lower part.


The adoption of heat pumps in CRC helps to significantly accelerate the drying of the hides, as air with low moisture content allows lower drying temperatures and energy consumptions.


Through the innovative cross-flow ventilation system, air reaches the central area of the leathers more easily than a traditional ventilation system. This drying method avoids the formation of darker areas along the edges of the leathers and color changes.

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Optimal drying and controlled distance between leathers

The optimized distance between the individual frames improves the drying time of the treated hides and skins.


This allows the correct passage of the cross ventilation flows, keeping the overall machine compact in size. 

Adjustable leather tension for maximum quality

Through a patented system, the expansion units can regulate both the extension and the relaxation of leathers.


The result is a much more accurate control of fiber stress, avoiding the formation of damages within the leather fiber structure.


Thanks to their special construction, CRC toggle frames can reach a different degree of extension between head and breech of the hides.

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Automated rotation of toggle frames and work stations

The rotation system of the frames can further accelerate the work of the operators and increase their safety during the toggling and removing of the hides from the structures.


Furthermore, the software integrated into CRC drying system allows a complete management of the parameters of individual cells and frames, for the entire duration of the work cycles.

Work cycles managed via Industry 4.0 software

The CRC production and supervision system is designed with a PLC integrated into a 21” PC, which can be connected to the local LAN network via Ethernet for remote assistance.


Recipes and cycles can be automatically set and recalled, anomalies can be easily managed, and drying and conditioning processes can be remotely controlled.

impianto asciugatura e condizionamento pelli
essiccatore pelli crc
impianto essiccazione conceria crc
asciugaggio condizionatura pellami crc
macchina asciugatura pelli crc
condizionamento pelli crc
crc cell rotary conditioning macchinari concerie


A new standard of leather drying

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Cell Rotary Conditioning toggle dryer?

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