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Ventilated tunnel
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Suitable for light leather

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High efficiency insulation

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Optimized air flow


Drying tunnel for spray booths and roller buffers

Drying tunnels for spray booths and roller buffers.

The unique side ventilation ensures ultimate uniformity of drying and reduces the overall length of the tunnel, optimising energy consumption and reducing operating temperatures.


Available in standard processing widths of from 1800 to 3400 mm.

Special features


Modular steel structure with elements of 2 meters each;


Superior efficiency isolation to minimise energy loss;


Optimised air flow thanks to the use of dual impeller side centrifugal fans, which ensure a uniform distribution of the air flow rate along the entire length of the tunnel;


Double air filtration to prevent dust from penetrating inside the tunnel;


Superior thermal efficiency thanks to the use of large radiating surfaces and energy recovery systems;


Also suitable for light hides as they are constantly pressed against the belt along the entire length of the tunnel.

Customisation options

Recovery of the heat from the moist air expelled from the tunnel, which reduces consumptions by at least 20%.

Booth pre-heating and heat recovery. The heat contained in the moist air expelled from the tunnel is recovered thanks to the high-efficiency heat exchangers and used to pre-heat the air entering the spray booth. This makes it possible to achieve considerable reductions in work environment heating costs during the winter season, as the incoming cold air is pre-heated without any energy cost.


Tunnel cooling.


Wire cleaning system available in two versions: with dry wire scraper or washing options.

Mesh conveyor.

Linking conveyors.





Diathermic oil

TFC Triple

The three-story version of the TFC tunnel is the ideal solution for small spaces and to reduce energy consumption and space.

Compared to a conventional tunnel of the same length, the hides remain inside the tunnel 2.5 times longer.

Thanks to the automatic conveyors, the grain is always kept facing upwards.

TFC Hybrid

Fratelli Carlessi has developed a new hybrid system that combines the advantages of the TFC with radiant energy systems, making the drying process much more flexible.

The addition of infrared lamps also makes it possible to increase the heating power of a single element or the entire tunnel.

The power can be adjusted and controlled in each individual element so as to increase the heating capacity, in the presence of heavy colour pigments sprayed or deposited by a roller-coater.

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