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New in

Multiple Cells Conditioning

The new leather drying and conditioning approach for tanneries

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Constant and repeatable results


Internal and external humidity control

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Work system in multiple independent cells


Optimized production cycles and times

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Efficiency and energy saving

 Continuous leather processing with separate cells treatment

The MCC conditioning system for hides and skins allows a continuous drying process through the separate climatic chambers system thanks to the packet type movement from one cell into the next one.


The system moves an entire packet of hides into the next chamber throughout a single automatic movement, keeping the batches of treated leather separate from the others and ensuring consistency within the same batch. 


Each batch can be managed independently, respecting the requirements of a finished product at the highest quality. The MCC tannery system works independently from the production variables and always guarantees a uniform leather treatment.

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Reliable, safe and constant results in leather processing

Leather moisture has always been the most critical variable in the leather making process. With MCC drying machinery this variable is under control: the system guarantees constant results by carrying out all moisturizing treatments independently from external variables.

 MCC allows a dynamic and highly precise management of finishing processes, treating the hides and skins in separate climatic cells. The main goal is to obtain the best result of the finished leathers, as well as constant repeatability without quality issues.

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Finishing equipment with single climatic chambers

MCC’s cells are managed and regulated individually. Each climatic chamber can perform independent drying and conditioning cycles with variable temperature, humidity and ventilation parameters.

Total control of drying and moisturizing processes

Humidity is the key element during drying process in tanneries, and it’s very difficult to keep under control. MCC leather dryer was created with the precise purpose of isolating and managing any variable and working condition, achieving the best final result. 

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macchina asciugatura e condizionamento pellami

 Reproducible, homogeneous and always perfect leathers

The main difficulty in leather finishing is to guarantee the same drying treatment between the various lots of hides and skins. MCC works independently of production variables through a constantly repeatable drying process, ensuring uniform and consistent results.

MCC conditioning machine for tannery works:

Independently from external climatic conditions;

Independently from the presence of the operators;

 Independently from simultaneous processing of different batches;

 Independently from the size of the treated leather batch;

Independently from the type of tanning (chrome, vegetable, etc).

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Working times

Interruptions in MCC machinery such as shift changes, pauses or stops, do not affect the drying time of leathers.

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Automatic unloading

At the end of the drying process, the unloading of the hides takes place with a completely automated system.


Heat sources

The energy source for heating the cells is from an electric, hybrid, superheated water, diathermic oil, gas or steam system.

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Custom dimensions

The modular construction of MCC allows our engineers to find the best solution for tanneries and to work any type of leather.

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Controlled ventilation

The counter-current ventilation system of the climatic chambers guarantees a more uniform leather drying.

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Modular structure

MCC is a composable system according to the tannery’s needs, with cells and dimensions suitable to the available space.

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Double track transport

The transport system of the MCC dryer avoids any contamination between the moving parts and the hides being processed.

MCC leather moisturizing system for Industry 4.0

  • Complete configuration of all operating parameters of the machine directly from the touch panel, with automatic control of temperature and humidity of the ramps;

  • Programming and supervisioning of the tanning production through a graphic display, in order to minimize wasted times and maximize productivity;

  • Pre-set working cycles, including different drying cycles, with detection of energy consumption for each production batch and energy-saving systems;

  • Automatic recording of working parameters, creation of files and historical data for easy consultation and saving of recipes (which can be modified by the operator);

  • Management of scheduled maintenance of the machine, with the availability for technical assistance and remote updates of software programs;

  • Predisposition for connection to a host on a local ethernet network, backup settings for data storage and customizable passwords with multilevel priority.

sistema asciugaggio pelli in conceria

MCC in short

Revolutionize leather drying and conditioning

Modular cells structure with customized dimensions

Synchronous processing of different leathers and batches without contamination

Repeatability of results and uniformity in leather drying

Processing parameters always defined and managed by software 4.0

Automatic unloading for an optimized management of times and costs

Consumptions detection and energy saving systems

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