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Spraying booths for leather finishing

In the leather finishing process, the spraying of hides and skins plays a fundamental role in defining the characteristics of the leather. With the aim to offer tanneries complete lines of spray finishing machinery, Fratelli Carlessi provides a range of spray booths and paint cabins, designed to meet any leather finishing need along with the subsequent drying phase.

Fratelli Carlessi's deep rooted experience allows to develop tannery machinery that guarantees optimisation of chemicals, reduction of overspray, reduced energy consumptions and high quality coverage.

Rotary spray booth


The result of more than 60 years of experience in spray booth design, the new-generation Diamond spray booth is completely made of stainless steel and allows uniform spraying of hides and skins while respecting environmental sustainability

cabina di rifinizione serie SA fratelli carlessi

SA series

Alternating finishing spray booth

Compact and functional alternate spray finishing machine, particularly suitable for applications in small spaces.

cabina di verniciatura serie MSX fratelli carlessi


Manual finishing spray booth

Ideal for leather spraying workshops, available with dry or water veil filtration systems.

Tannery finishing spray lines accessories

Fratelli Carlessi offers accessories and additional solutions to make the spraying lines more high-performance, tailored to customers' needs.

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