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Leather drying and conditioning

Finishing plants, systems and machinery

Leather drying and conditioning in the tannery are essential in order to obtain high quality crust leather, from both  wet blue and wet white hides and skins.

Fratelli Carlessi has been manufacturing leather drying and conditioning systems for over 70 years, including complete conditioning and drying plant systems, rotary dryers and pole or toggle frame dryers, moisture control systems and laboratory machines.

An entire range of state-of-the-art and innovative technological tannery machinery, designed to guarantee complete control of finishing parameters such as humidity and temperature, as well as the highest quality and reproducibility of leather and hides.

Multiple Cell Conditioner



The new drying and conditioning concept in the tannery

The MCC drying and conditioning plant system features a multiple cell and independent climatic chamber structure, which makes it possible to automate the finishing of individual batches of hides with complete management of temperature, moisture and ventilation.

impianto per essiccazione condizionamento pelli CRC


 Independent cell rotary conditioner

Cell Rotary Conditioning boosts drying efficiency with an independent cell frame system, hide tension toggle system and work cycle automation.

macchina per asciugatura essiccazione pelli SCRC


Simple cell rotary conditioner

Simple Cell Rotary Conditioning provides our customers with an innovative ventilation system, modular rotary frames and automatic workstation management.



Leather conditioning system with multi-sector pole hangers

Multi-Sector Conditioning is a two-level pole dryer for drying and conditioning of finished or crust leather using different levels of temperature and high air volumes.

The advantage of MSC drying system is the complete adjustment and automatic control of temperature and moisture, with the option of setting different values for each individual zone.

The hides are positioned between the poles or on single and double grip plastic toggle clips. The operating measurements are 3000 x 1750 mm.

essiccatori per condizionatura asciugatura pelli carlessi

Main features of the MSC leather conditioning and drying machine 

One single area for the loading and unloading of hides, with no specific requirements as far as the positioning in the production area is concerned, hence optimising logistic aspects;

Decrease in tannery labour requirements, given that the same operator can be assigned to both the loading and unloading of hides;

Drying and conditioning plant system suitable for use with leather and hides featuring different characteristics and sizes, which can be positioned on the poles or toggle clips;

Possibility of setting different temperature and moisture rates according to the zones, with multiple drying cycles available for different types of leather and processes;

Two versions available in high temperature conditioning or low temperature drying and conditioning of leather.




Cell static leather drying and conditioning plant 

Cell Static Conditioning is a drying and conditioning conditioning system with poles on trolleys that makes it possible to process crust leather directly from a press or vacuum phase.

As it operates using different processing parameters and large air volumes, CSC provides automatic management and monitoring of temperature and moisture levels, allowing operators to set specific parameters in individual zones of the plant system.

The hides can be handled using automatic trolleys.

 impianti essiccazione condizionamento per concerie carlessi
Main features of the CSC conditioning and drying system

Maximum flexibility of the conditioning system with modular and independent cells, allowing the generation of a plant system with the exact desired number of cells;

Bottom-up ventilation of the drying air, based on the innovative heating pump technology operating at low temperature;

Complete computerized control of the conditioning plant system, with leather loading and unloading times practically reduced to zero;

“Batch-by-batch” management generating high energy savings, as only the actual cells necessary for drying and conditioning are used;

Storage of processing recipes, for easy management of the conditioning and drying of processed leather and hides.




Pole tunnel dryer

Air-Off is a leather finishing system installed ain an elevated position, designed to occupy a minimum area and optimize the work space within the tannery.

The machine envisages the configuration of processing areas with different temperature and moisture settings, according to the requirements of the conditioning process.

The standard plant system is from 40 to 70 metres in length, has an operating width of 3000 mm and offers the choice of using gas, steam or electric heating systems.

 tunnel essiccazione pellami carlessi
macchine umidificazione pelli carlessi


Moisture control system for crust leathers

Hydro is a leather conditioning machine for use in tanneries, capable of ensuring uniform moisture is delivered to the processed leather and hides.

Spray nozzles are used to moisten the hides, and also to adjust the moisture level in the operating area.

The machine is also equipped with a wire drying system to prevent the hides from being damaged during processing.


EC series


Laboratory leather drawer dryer

EC is a frame and drawer drying plant system, ideal for drying or conditioning skins in confined spaces or for laboratories.

essiccatori pelli per conceria carlessi

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