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Simple Cell Rotary Conditioner

New generation automated drying plant system

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Airflow distribution

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Optimisation of the distance
between the hides


Revolutionize drying

A rotary frame and toggle drying plant system equipped with an innovative ventilation system that increases the drying efficiency and speed, and creates a uniform level of moisture on the surface of the leather. 

It exploits a cutting-edge and certified drying cycle control system that also generates considerable energy savings.

The modular construction of the plant systems can be adjusted to suit the customer's production demands and are available with frames of different sizes for whole hides (3400×3000 mm) or half and small hides (3400×1600 mm). 

Industry 4.0 version available.

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Optimisation of the distance between the hides

The optimised distance between the individual frames reduces drying times.

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Redesigned airflow distribution

The heated airflow passes through the hides in a bottom-up manner. This generates uniform drying of the leather since moisture tends to accumulate due to the effect of gravity in the lower section.


Automatic rotation of workstations

The automatic frame rotation system assists the work of the operators during the toggle phase and the removal of the hides from the frames.

Improved drying efficiency

The use of air with a low moisture content helps to significantly accelerate drying, with additional benefits such as low drying temperatures and lower consumption.




Colour display management of processing cycles

Drying recipes and cycles can be set up and recalled automatically, in addition to the complete management of the parameters of the individual cells, frame by frame, for the entire duration of the processing cycle. It also has fault management and remote control features.


Supervision System with integrated PLC with a 21” colour screen industrial computer ready to connect to a LAN system via an ethernet connection for remote assistance (Industry 4.0).

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