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Maximum fidelity and flexibility

A laboratory machine that simulates complete spraying lines

SprayLab eliminates reproducibility variables between the laboratory sample and final production.

In fact, it can accurately simulate:

  • the spraying trajectory of any finishing booth (depending on the type of turntable, its size and the number of spray guns).

  • the drying process of the leather (considering the type of oven selected, the number of phases, the temperature control and whether or not IR lamps are used)  


This means that all types of finishing are available in one single machine: SprayLab.

* Actual trajectories and their cross-spraying on the leather depending on the booth type.


  rotary *


Spraylab in operation

Simulation of a rotary booth with 12 spray guns.

3 separate circuits

High - Low pressure

for a complete system

Quick change

Quick change spray guns that are easy to clean

~ 1.5 kg of product

to complete the circuit


There are two models of SprayLab, which differ only in strand conveyor and dry tunnel size. Both are supplied complete with all the features and innovations that distinguish the SprayLab project.


Ideal for laboratories, with the possibility of creating samples measuring40x70 cm (3 square feet).


Compact footprint just 8m in length

(strand conveyor width 0,6m).


Spraylab XL

Enjoy limitless experiments to create samples up to a maximum size of one half of a hide.


Maximum footprint of 13m in length.

(strand conveyor width 1.2m)

Fratelli Carlessi_SprayLab_1.jpg
Fratelli Carlessi_SprayLab_2.jpg
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