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Electric energy radiant tunnel
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Suitable for light leather

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High efficiency insulation

Electric energy tunnel

Radiant tunnels combine the advantages achieved by the absence of moving air masses, along with the lack of dust and the stability of the hides inside the tunnel. Unlike ventilated tunnels, radiant tunnels feature a much more compact structure.

There are two versions available: with radiant panels (TES/S) and infrared panels (TES/IR).

The TES/S tunnel features long wave electric energy radiant heat panels covering the entire upper surface of the tunnel. This provides for uniform heat transmission and therefore optimal drying, resulting in a superior quality finished product. The main feature of the TES/S tunnel is its flexibility, as it is possible to dry different types of hides even exceptionally ultra-thin versions.

Unlike the radiant panel tunnel, the TES/IR tunnel is fitted with medium-wave infrared quartz lamps.

Special features

  • The temperature of each module can be adjusted individually.

  • Available in standard processing widths of from 1800 to 3400 mm

Customisation options

Tunnel cooling

Mesh conveyor

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