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Rotary dryer with frames

New generation automated drying system

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Air flow distribution

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Distance optimization between skins


Revolutionize drying

Rotary-type drying system with frames, equipped with an innovative ventilation system that increases the efficiency and speed of drying, as well as having uniform humidity on the surface of the leather.

It uses an advanced and tested drying cycle control system that allows significant energy saving.


The systems are of modular construction to adapt to the production needs of the customer and are available with frames of different sizes, for whole hides (3400 × 3000 mm) or half and small hides (3400 × 1600 mm).

Available in industry 4.0 mode .

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Optimization of the distance between the frames

The optimized distance between the individual frames reduces the drying time.


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Redesigned airflow distribution

The heated airflow passes through the hides from the bottom upwards, this make possible to obtain uniform drying of the leather as humidity tends to accumulate in the lower part due to the effect of gravity.


Automatic rotation of workstations

The automatic rotation system of the frames helps the operators during toggling and removal of the hides from the frames.

Better drying efficiency

The use of air with low humidity content helps to accelerate drying considerably with further benefits such as low drying temperatures and lower energy consumption.




Work cycles managed by color panel

It is possible to automatically set and recall recipes and control the drying cycles. It has the ability to manage anomalies and to remote control.


Supervision system with 21” PLC integrated color industrial computer connectable to a local LAN network via ethernet connection for remote assistance (Industry 4.0)

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