CRC series 


Fratelli Carlessi has developed a new generation drying and conditioning plant in order to meet the needs of new leather processing technologies, in terms of quality of the finished product, productivity, flexibility of use and reduction of energy consumption.
These new technologies require better control of the drying process parameters, such as humidity, temperature, air distribution and above all an accurate control of the fibre tension in the expansion process, in order to avoid damages such as grain blowing and loss of useful surface.


The new CRC dryer is an evolution of the traditional drying and conditioning toggling, with the introduction of many new solutions covered by international patents.

Independent cells

Redesigned air flow distribution

Optimization of the distance between the leathers

Adjustable leathers tension

Better drying efficiency

Automation in work stations

(Industry 4.0) Work cycles managed by a Colour Panel

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SUPERVISION SYSTEM with PLC integrated with 21 "colour industrial computer with LAN connectivity to a local network connection for remote assistance (Industry 4.0)


S-CRC series

ROTARY toggling dryer

Drying system with rotary frames system, equipped with an innovative ventilation system that allows to increase the drying efficiency and speed as well as having an uniform humidity on the surface of the leather.

It takes advantage of an advanced and tested drying cycle control system able to allow for conditioning and a considerable energy saving.


The systems share a modular construction to adapt to the production needs of the customer and are available with frames of different sizes, for whole leathers (3400 × 3000 mm) or half leathers and small leathers (3400 × 1600 mm).

Available in industry 4.0 mode .


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