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Independent cell system

New generation automated drying system

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Independent cells

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Air flow distribution

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Distance optimization between skins

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Adjustable skin tension

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Automatic overturning

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Drying has a new standard

Fratelli Carlessi has developed a new generation drying and conditioning system in order to meet the needs related to new leather processing technologies, in terms of quality of the finished product, productivityflexibility of use and reduction of energy consumption.

These new technologies require better control of the parameters of the drying process, such as humidity, temperature, air distribution and above all an accurate control of the tension of the fibres in the expansion process, in order to avoid damage such as looseness and cutting yield decrease.


The new CRC dryer is an evolution of the traditional drying and conditioning system, with the introduction of numerous new solutions covered by international patents.

Independent cells

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The drying tunnel is divided into cells; in this configuration, each module works as a single oven in which it is possible to set a specific temperature, humidity and ventilation, totally independent from the other modules. In this way, it is possible to avoid differences in quality between different leather batches and contamination between batches of different types of leather.


Each cell also has a leather tension / distension unit. 

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Redesigned airflow distribution

The heated air flow passes through the hides from the bottom upwards, therefore it is possible to obtain uniform drying of the leather, as humidity tends to accumulate in the lower part due to the effect of gravity.

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Optimization of the distance between the skins

The optimized distance between the individual frames reduces the drying time.

With a cross-flow system, the air reaches the central area of ​​the hides more easily than with a traditional ventilation system, allowing you to avoid the formation of darker areas along the edges of the skin or changes in color.

Better drying efficiency

The adoption of heat pumps helps to accelerate drying considerably thanks to the use of air with low humidity content, with further benefits such as low drying temperatures and lower energy consumption.

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Adjustable skin tension

Through a patented system, the expansion units in each cell can adjust both extension and relaxation of the leather, allowing to obtain a much more accurate fibers stress control, avoiding damages such as looseness.
The frames, thanks to the special construction, allow to obtain different degrees of extension between head and butt of the leather.

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Workstations automation

The automatic frames rotation system can further accelerate the work of the operators in the phases of toggling and removing the hides from the frames.



Work cycles managed by color screen

It is possible to automatically set and recall recipes and drying cycles, as well as having complete management of the individual cells, frame by frame, for the entire duration of the cycle. Ability to manage anomalies and remote control.


Supervision system with PLC integrated with 21 "color industrial computer connectable to a local LAN network via ethernet connection for remote assistance (Industry 4.0)

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