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Multiple Cells Conditioner

A new approach to drying
and conditioning

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Constant repeatability of results


Internal and external humidity under control

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Working system
separate cells


Optimized cycle times

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Energy saving

Allows continuous processing by enhancing the treatment with separate cells

The MCC cell handling system allows continuous processing thanks to the use of separate climatic cells. The contents of the cell are loaded into the next cell in a single automatic movement, keeping the packet being processed separately from the others. MCC is independent of production variables and guarantees uniform treatment.


Finally certain, safe and constant results

Leather moisture has always been the main variable in the tanning process. Today with MCC this variable is under control. MCC guarantees the result by carrying out the conditioning treatments independently of external variables.


Our latest MCC innovation allows highly precise dynamic management that manages hides in separate climatic cells. The result of the finished product is a priority for us as well as its constant repeatability without loss of quality. Each item is treated independently regardless of the external climatic conditions to be able to satisfy the requirements to obtain a product of the highest quality.

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Single climatic cells

MCC cells are managed individually and adjusted according to the load of the leather batches. Each climatic chamber MCC allows to perform independent drying and conditioning cycles with variable temperature, humidity and ventilation profiles.

Humidity is no longer scary

Moisture is the key element in the drying process and we know that it is difficult to keep under control. MCC was born with the precise purpose of trying to isolate and manage individual situations in the best possible way, reaching the result.

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MCC is independent

Independent of external climatic conditions

Independent of the presence of the operator

Independent of the simultaneous processing of different batches

Independent of the lot size

Independent of the type of batch (chromium, vegetable, etc.)

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Perfect leather always

The main difficulty has always been to ensure the same drying treatment among the various batches. MCC works regardless of external climatic conditions, and its repeatability of the drying process ensures consistency.


Continuous processing keeping separate treatments

With MCC the pauses or stops such as shift change do not affect the treatment time of the drying leather.

Heat sources

It is possible to customize the cells energy source for heating by choosing among electric, hybrid, superheated water, diathermic oil, gas or steam version.

Fratelli Carlessi | Tunnel di essiccazione a gas per linee di rifinizione settore conciario.
Fratelli Carlessi | Tunnel di essiccazione a vapore per linee di rifinizione settore conciario.
Fratelli Carlessi | Tunnel di essiccazione ad acqua per linee di rifinizione settore conciario.
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Automatic unloading

We have designed the exit of the hides at the end of the drying process with a fully automated unloading system. It is no longer necessary to have an operator who takes care of stacking the processed leather on the pallet: MCC does everything by itself.

Customized sizing according to the type of hides

The modular construction of MCC allows our engineers to find the best solution that allows you to work your hides, whatever their size.

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Uniform drying

The counter-current ventilation system of the MCC climatic chambers guarantees uniform drying.

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Double track transport system

The MCC transport system avoids any contamination between the moving parts and the hides being processed.

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Customizable in size

The high structural dynamism of MCC, made up of single cells, allows you to create a system with several cells and an adequate development for the available planimetry. In this way, the system will adapt to the customer's needs.


MCC in short

Repeatability of results

Certain treatment times

Uniform drying

Simultaneous treatment of different types of hides and batches

No contamination between hides from different batches

Automatic unloading

Industry 4.0

  • Saving recipes (each recipe can be modified by the operator);

  • Complete configuration of all machine parameters directly from the touch panel;

  • Advanced control of operating parameters with automatic management of temperature and humidity ramps;

  • Predisposition for connection to a Host in a local ethernet network;

  • Pre-set work cycles (including the drying cycle);

  • Automatic recording of all parameters for each job, with the creation of easy-to-consult historical files;

  • Scheduled maintenance management;

  • Production planning and supervision of the same in graphic mode to minimize wasted time and maximize productivity;

  • Backup settings to prevent local data loss;

  • Remote technical assistance and software update;

  • Management of passwords with customizable multilevel priority;

  • Batch energy consumption detection;

  • Energy saving system.



Revolutionizes drying