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Scientific drying

A new drying concept from the innovative CRC leather drier by Carlessi

Scientists from the Institute of Creative Leather Technology at the University of Northampton, UK, promoted a research project which has worked closely our Fratelli Carlessi to define the role of conditioning during leather production and help understand, physically, how drying can affect the leather in terms of enhanced area yield and end-use performance.

The research has indicated that the drying and conditioning operations in the tannery have a fundamental role in leather production and quality. Accurate control of the internal humidity for each piece during the final mechanical operations is critical to improve the leathers final characteristics and performances. As well as from these results (but not only), Carlessi focused an innovative Cell Rotary Conditioning drier. That’s a completely new system for the drying and conditioning of leathers, particularly in full hides for furniture upholstery and automotive interiors.

The new CRC can simultaneously process wet leathers with different substances belonging to different process batches. In fact, the CRC has been designed to be fully automated and completely controllable with its results repeatable regardless of the production volumes or types of leather being processed. [...]


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