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When innovation becomes reality. At Simac Tanning Tech the future has already arrived.

Technological innovation, environmental sustainability, production efficiency and Industry 4.0: these are the key words of Simac Tanning Tech, the exhibition dedicated to machinery and technologies for footwear, leather goods and tanning. Words and concepts that are transformed into concrete solutions that companies present at the fair.. First of all the SprayLab, a concept soon to be available on the market created by the company Fratelli Carlessi. It is a machine for making samples, but not only that. It is certainly used for sampling," says director Giulio Tandura, "but also for normal production. Its function is in fact to fine-tune and reproduce the conditions under which a machine works in reality". To better understand the concept: "If a company needs to make an article on a spraying line, before setting up the line it needs a number of tests: whether the composition and viscosity of the product is right, whether the temperatures for drying are right, whether the speed is right, etc. If I try it with a booth, the result is not necessarily the same. So we have created one with a robot inside that will have all the data needed to simulate the real spraying effect in any type of booth and situation, recreating exactly the spraying arc, speed and coverage of the various guns”. [...]


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