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Top of the range leather drying by Fratelli Carlessi

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At Simac Tanning Tech 2021 Fratelli Carlessi focused on the main specific models for air conditioning and drying: the CRC model (top of the range) and S-CRC as regards drying and conditioning of leathers on frames, and the new stick dryer MCC.

Uno scorcio dello stand di Fratelli Carlessi a Tanning Tech 2021
Uno scorcio dello stand a Tanning Tech 2021

MCC – Multiple Cells Conditioner MCC is the latest conditioning and drying system by Fratelli Carlessi, and represents the perfect combination of the CRC cell oven technology and the stick drying system.

“Moisture in leathers has always been the main variable in the tanning process. Today with MCC this variable is under control. MCC guarantees the result by carrying out the conditioning treatments regardless of external variables – explains the company Fratelli Carlessi -. The result of the finished product is a priority for us, as is its constant repeatability without losing quality. Each item is treated independently respecting the requirements of a top quality product

CRC – Cell Rotary Conditioner The most versatile drying and conditioning system on the market suitable for both grained articles and still and smooth items with excellent results in surface, cutting yield and quality.

CRC is technologically advanced for maximum optimisation of leather tensioning. During conditioning, the leathers are tensioned according to their resistance degree, bringing them to their maximum surface development, without reaching the breaking point due to defects. CRC is able to read the development capacity of each individual skin and fits with amazing expansion results.


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