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MSC series 

Leather conditioning system

with multi-store sicks

Sticks dryer on two levels, for drying and conditioning of crust hides, working with different temperature values ​​and high air volumes.
Automatic regulation and control of temperature and humidity, with the possibility of set different values ​​in the single zones.

Positioning hides on sticks or on single / double grippers made of plastic material.


Working dimensions: 3000 x 1750 mm



  • Single loading and unloading zone, which allows to optimize logistics and does not require special needs for the positioning in the production area.

  • Reduction of manpower , as the same operator is in charge of both loading and unloading.

  • Suitable for leathers of different type and sizes, which can be positioned between sticks or on single / double toggles.

  • Different temperature and humidity zones setting in order to set up multiple drying cycles for different types of leather and processes.

  • Possibility to dry and condition the leathers at low temperature.

  • High temperature air conditioning version available.

Fratelli Carlessi_Mistral.jpg

CSC series 

Stick drying and conditioning on special trolleys for crust hides, coming from press or vacuum, working with different temperatures values and high air volumes.
Automatic regulation and control of temperature and humidity, with the possibility to set different parameters for the single zones.

STATIC cell air conditioning system



  • Maximum flexibility thanks to the modular structure that allows to compose the system with the desired number of cells.

  • Fully computerized control.

  • Possibility of "batch by batch" management.

  • Independent cell conditioning system.

  • Operating with work recipes for easy conditioning management.

  • Ventilation from below, based on low temperature heat pump technology.

  • Extreme energy savings by using only the necessary cells.

  • Loading and unloading time is practically reduced to "zero".

  • Possibility of automatic trolley movements.


AIROFF series 


Air conditioning system for finished leathers with overhead construction, to optimize the space available in the tannery and occupy the minimum floor space.

AIR-OFF includes the possibility of setting zones with different temperature and humidity values, according to the process requirements.
The length of the standard system ranges from 40 to 70 meters, the working width is 3000 mm.
Heating with gas, steam or electricity.

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Schermata 2020-03-13 alle 14.07.35.jpg

HYDRO series

Conditioning machine able to re-moist the hides uniformly re-moisten the leathers by means of spray nozzles.
Equipped with a wire table drying system to prevent the threads from marking the hides.


Schermata 2020-03-13 alle 14.07.25.jpg

EC series 

Laboratory DRAWER dryer

Drying system with drawer-typer frames, ideal for drying or conditioning leathers in case of limited spaces.


  • Available in versions with 5, 10, 15, 20 frames;

  • Suitable for laboratories or reduced productions;

  • Frames for whole leathers (3400 x 3000 mm) or half and small leathers (3400 x 1600 mm);

  • Frames with and without expansion;

  • Gas heating, steam, electricity.

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