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The three-store version of the TFC tunnel is the ideal solution for small spaces and to limit energy consumption. 

Compared to a traditional tunnel of the same length, the time of permanence of the leather in the tunnel is 2.5 times longer. 

Thanks to the automatic conveyors, the grain is always kept facing upwards.

Fratelli Carlessi has developed a new hybrid system that combines the advantages of TFC with radiant energy systems and makes the drying process much more flexible. 

The addition of infrared lamps makes it possible to increase the heating power of a single element or the entire tunnel. 

The power can be controlled for every single element in order to increase the heating capacity in presence of high loads of pigment sprayed or deposited with the roller-coater.

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Fratelli Carlessi has additional elements and solutions to make the lines themselves more efficient and tailored to the customer's needs.

Heat recovery unit

Heat recovery systems to maximize energy savings and climate comfort.


SUPERVISION SYSTEM with PLC integrated with 21" colour industrial computer with LAN connectivity to a local area network via Ethernet connection for remote assistance

(Industry 4.0)

Connecting bridges

Transfer carpets and connection bridges to transform a multi-cabin and tunnel finishing line into shorter and independent lines.

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