Alternate cabin

Compact and functional SA spray booth

Alternative cabin in stainless steel with 2 to 5 guns and working widths from 1600 to 3400 mm, particularly suitable in case of limited space available.

The cabin has a translation trolley with variable speed, which can be adjusted according to production needs, which guarantee a long useful life and reliability over time.


Transfer trolley with variable speed, adjustable according to production needs which guarantees a long useful life and reliability over time

Gun holder arm equipped with continuously variable speed

Structure of simple construction that requires reduced maintenance;

Cabin bottom tank in different versions: dry, still water and recirculated water veil

High efficiency spraying fume suppressor independent from the spray booth and made entirely of stainless steel

Economizer for saving pigment

Customization options

  • Link conveyors

  • Wire cleaning system available in two versions: with dry scraper or with washing

Line completion

Fratelli Carlessi has additional elements and solutions to make the lines themselves more efficient and tailored to the customer's needs.