Italian tannery machinery specialists, Erretre/Fratelli Carlessi, will present their innovative Cell Rotary Conditioning (CRC) system at the upcoming ILM Automotive Leather Supply Chain conference in Stuttgart on June 4, 2018. 

[...] Chromium-free leather is notoriously difficult to dry, while maintaining a consistent leather quality. Temperature, humidity, airflow and strain controls are constantly adjusted for consistency, allowing repeatability of the drying operation, and make the drying conditions independent from the outside air conditions. High consistency of chromium-free material is possible due to the quality and process control capability of the CRC, leading to increased cutting yield and predictability. The grain surface is more open in structure, natural textured, allowing increased quality of finish adhesion and the production of semi-aniline upholstery leathers. More details about this innovative technology will be presented during the conference in Stuttgart with supporting data.

Giulio Tandura, Managing Director, Fratelli Carlessi, will present “CRC: chromium-free drying developments” [...]

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La tecnologia d'avanguardia è la vera passione di Fratelli Carlessi, tecnologia di cui si è avvalsa per concepire SprayLab, un raffinato mini laboratorio in grado di riprodurre fedelmente i risultati di una linea di produzione su larga scala, così da rendere ogni ricerca precisa ed efficace.

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