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Rotary cabin

Self cleaning

Quick color change

Stainless steel

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Rotary group with six circuits

Diamond in short

Diamond spray booth, for surprising results

The result of over 60 years of experience in the construction of spray booths, the new generation Diamond booth is completely made of stainless steel.

The structure of the cabin is optimized to correctly distribute the internal flows, the large diameter carousel and the internal air circulation allow an optimal spray on the skin.
The color distribution circuits are designed for automatic washing, which allows washing and filling with the new pigment.

Available with standard working widths from 1800 to 3400 mm.

A rotary unit that makes the difference

Rotary unit with six independent circuits for color feeding suitable for different types of guns: standard, HVLP, airless and airmix.


Solid and resistant rotating disc

Large rotating disc with revolving diameter of the guns 41% greater than the working width : this allows the finishing layer to be applied as evenly as possible for the production of any type of leather and article


Stainless steel structure that guarantees an even longer useful life and greater reliability over time

Large access doors that facilitate access inside the cabin, and make cleaning and maintenance easier and faster

Air circuits with differentiated pressure for the control of the gun and the regulation of the spray atomization.

Predisposition for automatic circuit washing system and rapid color change;

Continuous adjustment of the speed of the rotary group, in order to synchronize it with the speed of advancement of the carpet

Possibility of installing 8/12/14/16 guns, depending on the customer's needs

Cabin bottom tank in different versions: dry, still water, recirculating water veil

High efficiency spraying fume suppressor independent from the spray booth and made entirely of stainless steel. This allows you to combine maximum treatment efficiency with low running costs and simple maintenance

Latest generation economizer that combines greater functionality with superior performance and guarantees assistance in future years

Customization options

Automatic color circuit washing and loading system: possibility to wash the color circuit and load a new pigment while using another circuit: this allows to drastically minimize color change times

Heat recovery in the cabin

Touch screen for setting the working parameters of the cabin, guns, economizer, blast chiller through software with intuitive graphic interface ( Industry 4.0 )

Gun height adjustment

Link conveyors

Wire cleaning system available in two versions: with dry wire scraper or with washing


Industry 4.0

A simple and intuitive operator interface are the result of the programming and graphic design work carried out completely by our engineers and designers.

A software born with the machine , able to manage all the information coming from the spray booth and the connected drying tunnels, and which can be programmed in a few gestures. Ready for interconnection with external software such as MORe and management software, it is able to save historical production data, even locally, and offer technicians and supervisors a clear and quick consultation directly from the panel.